This online, asynchronous course will lead students on an exploration of the histories of Philadelphia, Camden, and the surrounding region of southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and northern Delaware. In addition to online illustrated lectures, the assignments will include finding original historical materials in digital archives and visiting one or more historic places in person. As a culmination, each student will design and research a walking or driving tour organized around a topic, person, or place of personal interest. By learning about our local region, students will gain a greater understanding of the development of cities and suburbs in the United States.

Required books:

Roger D. Simon, Philadelphia: A Brief History revised and updated edition (Temple University Press, 2017).
Jeffrey Dorwart, Camden County, New Jersey: The Making of a Metropolitan Community, 1676-2000 (Rutgers University Press, 2001).

We will also make use of digital resources, especially The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, which is produced at Rutgers-Camden.

Course requirements will include:

  • Weekly interaction with online videos and readings.
  • One short paper based on an in-person visit to a historic site.
  • Two short-essay exams.
  • One project (paper) in the form of historical tour based on a theme, person, place, or issue of choice.