The books listed below have been ordered through the University District Book Store for Issues in Public History / Introduction to Public History (which meet concurrently). Please read the first book on the list before the first class meeting, with special attention to the introduction and Chapters 11, 12, and 13. This book is to give everyone a common understanding of the scope of the field of public history (skim any portions that do not interest you). Sometime prior to the first class, also visit the President’s House site at Sixth and Market Streets, which we will examine as our first case study.

  1. Cauvin, Public History: A Textbook of Practice (Read for first class)
  2. Linenthal, History Wars
  3. Horton, Slavery and Public History
  4. Sergel, See You in the Streets
  5. Hamer, History in Urban Places
  6. Bruggeman, Commemoration: The American Association for State and Local History Guide
  7. Ashton and Trapeznik, What Is Public History Globally?

Additional readings will be online or chosen individually from a list of recommendations.

Public History Practice students: Your readings on local and regional history will be made available at the project work site, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities, 325 Cooper Street.

Topics in Historic Preservation students: We will develop individualized reading lists at the start of the semester.

Opportunity for all:  The American Association for State and Local History will hold its annual meeting in Philadelphia at the end of August — the first meeting in our area since 1959!  Consider attending if you can — link here for information and registration.